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Do you want to reduce your electrcity bill by 80 % or more? Let our experienced solar team help with a hassle free consultation to see  if Solar is right for you!



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A residential solar energy system is a system that generates electric current by utilising solar energy to power your home. 
With an increase in demand for electricity, prices have begun to skyrocket. The world now looks at solar energy as an alternative for its power needs, and experts are working tirelessly to make solar energy components more effective. 
More homes are going solar in the modern world. This is made possible, partially, by the dedication of solar companies. Alexa Solar experts offer complete residential solar services all around NSW with our territory expanding every day. We offer the best residential solar panels the market has to offer. It doesn’t end there, we will not only install the domestic solar panels for you, but we also offer monitoring and maintenance services.

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With rising energy costs, putting your roof to good use with commercial solar panels is a great way to save costs and have clean energy. In recent years, many expanding businesses and firms are investing in commercial solar power as a way to counter the added expenses resulting from growth-related investments. Although the commercial solar industry had a slow start, things seem to be taking a whole new direction in its favor. Solar energy is ideal for all types of business: industrial, large, and small.

At Alexa Energy Group, we are specialists in commercial solar system installation, servicing, and maintenance for a wide range of commercial sectors. We are one of the leading solar panel companies in NSW, and our team of professionals has a clear understanding of the needs of the business.

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Solar servicing and maintenance is more like having a health checkup of your solar energy system, and is undeniably the best way to ensure that your photovoltaic (PV) system is running optimally and safe for your business or family.
It is a fact that solar panels don’t have any moving parts, so for this reason, less servicing and maintenance is required. Nevertheless, you still need to service it if you are to get maximum return on your investment.
At Alexa Energy, we offer the following solar energy services:

  • Panel repairs & replacement

  • Inverter repairs &replacement

  • Insurance claims & Product warranty

  • Minor and major installation repairs

  • Faulty isolators

  • Bird proofing

  • Panel cleaning

We offer an exclusive 15 point safety check on all systems , so you
can have peace of mind that your existing system is free from any
major defects and faults.



Alexa Energy Group isn’t one of the biggest solar-system companies in Australia.  And we have no plans to become one of the biggest.


Because when you perform several dozen installations a year instead of several hundred, you don’t have to resort to high-pressure salesmanship just to make your numbers. You never have to rush a job through to completion, or cut corners on the way, just to finish in time for the next one. At Alexa  Solar we don’t have any technically challenged, commission-paid salespeople, who will often promise just about anything to close a sale.


We are  technical project managers and electricians, not a sales people. We’ve learned the photovoltaic (PV) business not only in classrooms, but hands-on, in the field. 


Our approach is that it’s better to lose a sale than have someone pressured into buying – or install a system on a home or commercial building that wasn’t right for solar.  We realise that while a solar system is an investment that pays for itself and then some, it’s still too big an investment to make blindly. So we make sure you know and understand every detail about the system you’re considering. 


We will treat your solar array installation with the same attention to coordination and detail we applied to multimillion-dollar commercial solar projects. And we will personally make sure your solar array goes in on time and on budget, with no corners cut, that it performs as promised, and that it gives you a generation of trouble-free, dependable service.






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